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Thanks for all your help with closing this loan in 25 days. Thanks for keeping this train on the tracks at all times. Thank you Mitzie for taking the time to educate me and explain the process (again). Thank you Crystal for an instant turnaround on the CD and your support with my concerns. Happy Client

Nancy- HUGE thanks to you for promptly supplying me with all necessary documents and information that allowed me to work with the client to quickly resolve pending matters. There is ZERO doubt in my mind that without your support and knowledge, there would have been many unexpected delays. You are a mission critical liaison between LO and other departments to ensure success while focusing on a smooth experience for all involved in the transaction. It’s incredibly assuring to know that I can call you anytime and have a synergistic conversation and proactively identify and resolve issues in a timely fashion.

Buyer and Seller Realtors and Title in this transaction have been Wowed by the professionalism and reliability of American Pacific Mortgage, Advanced Real Estate Group.
Great Job Ladies.